Hello, I am Angel Castro the recipient of the scholarship you have all awarded tp me. I am very grateful for this scholarship and opportunities it will enable me to have. I personally like talking to people face to face rather than any other method, but this will due. I'd like to thank the entire association for all the time and effort you all made for choosing a candidate for your scholarship(s) raising the money, and any other work that went unnoticed. I am thankful for being able to attend CCUSD and the teachers and staff that were there who helped me in any way while there. I have made friendships with some of the teachers in the high school and I plan to visit them and give my thanks to them as well.

I have chosen and am attending UC Irvine also I am living on campus. I am sometimes shocked by myself being able to attend college let alone at University like UCI. I am happy that all my work from High School and before that paid off enabling me to continue my education at UCI. During the summer before UCI started, I entered the Summer bridge program and spent some of my summer at UCI taking classes to gain a head start as well as get a feel of college. Currently, I am undeclared but that is not by choice I plan work my way in and transfer to the School of Business Administration. Although it is highly competitive and might take me until my third year at UCI I am very motivated to work my way into Business Admin. With the Fall quarter of school coming to a close and having to sign up for the Winter, it feels like time is flying right past me. The feeling of attending college is quite strange to me still and is very different from where I live, if I'm being honest. However, I'm growing to like the school and the community around UCI, I have met a few people that I can truly call my friends already and hope to find and converse with more. I will continue to go to school at UCI for four years and get my degree and as of now I'm unsure

about attending graduate school in the future. For now, I will be concentrating on my school

work so I can graduate on time. I will be forever grateful for this scholarship and everyone behind it and I will use it mostly for my books and supplies in the coming school quarter. I hope your organization continues to give such scholarships out to help out future students with their education.


Angel Castro

Class of 1978 40th Reunion

Saturday October 20th, 2018

Doubletree, 6161 W, Centinela Ave, 

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September 15, 2018

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