The 50's.

Robert Helwick renewed for 3 years. Class of 1966.

Helen Hersch Weyer. Retired.

Ray Sczesniak.Retired Class of 1961.

Frank Cowan lives in West Hills. Retired social worker. Class of 1967.

Norma Huber Barton. Lives in Thousand Oaks. Babysite grandchildren. Class of 1963.

Ted Manning. Lives in Simi Valley. Retired police Officer. Class of 1966.

Tom McMaster. lives in Palm Springs. Class of 1961.

Beverly Steiman Lowe. Director of Purchasing. Class of 1965.

Lee Leighton. Lives in Torrance. Class of 1959..

Karen Bastian Lindley, lives in Parker AZ, class of 1955.

Susan Meyer, retired. Class of 1967.

Carol Schmidgall Griffen-Nieberg lives in Fullerton Ca, Retired RN.

Mary Musselman Inada lives in HI, Sr Clerk Typist.

Victor Amor lives in Honolulu HI. Retired. Class of 1962.

Richard Moselle lives in Los Angeles. Dentist. Class of 1962.

Marie Routh Moms. Lives in Long Beach. Teacher. Class of 1959.

Kathlleen Criswell DeMott, lives in Torrance. Retired teacher. Class of 1967.

Jeffrey Gerod lives in Lake Havasu City. Retired Class of 1965.

Rita Kaufman Riffle lives in Mission Viejo. Retired. Class of 1955.

Sabina Cornejo is an Account Manager. Class of 1984.

Jill Anderson. Lives in San Jose.CPA Class of 1976.

Michael Stevenson lives in Santa Clarita Ca Renewed for 3 years.. Class of 1962.

Janelle Smith Wakefield lives in Thousand Oaks. Gardner, Class of 1955.

Joyce Solie Dorsaneo is retired. Class of 1958,

Ronald Vinje sent a check for $100. Lives in Pacific Palisades and is retired. Class of 1961.

Bette Hamel Levy lives in Murrieta Ca. Retired. Class of 1962.

Dale Hoffmon lives in Salinda Ca Retired. Class of 1961.

Carol Musick Gregor is a retired teacher/administrator. Lives in Santa Maria Ca. Class of 1962.

Louise Beneteau Garner lives in Corona Ca. Retired RN. 

Cynthia McFarland Fernandes. Lives in Canyon Country. Class of 1978.

Nancy Krohn Widder lives in Madison WI class of 1962.

Joshua plottel lives in Culver City and is a full time student (graduate level) Class of 2010.

Carol Gale McCombs lives in Florida. Class of 1954.

Jay Grobeson lives in Sherman Oaks. Former secretary of CCHSAA.

Bob Browning lives in Lake Forest Ca. Retired

from The Telephone Co. Class of 1954

Nancy Cardinal Wilcox lives in Henderson NV. Retired R.E. Agent. Domestic Engineer. Class of 1964.

Judy Stangler lives in Culver City is retired UCLA Events Manager. Class of 1962.

Perry Cendro is retired. Class of 1979.

Melanie Cohen Vansell lives in Culver City and is a retired associate professor. Class of 1964

Elizabeth Arguelles Mejia is a teacher and lives in Culver City. Class of 1985.

Marie Martinez is retired and lives in Los Angeles. Class of 1961.

Bruce Cowen is a retired university teacher and lives in Soquel Ca. Class of 1956.

Gary Smith lives in Redmond Wa and is retired. Class of 1960.

Micki Wolk is a VP Finance, CFO. Class of 1981.

Pat A. Fountain is retired and lives in Culver City.

Class of 1957.

Coleen Jones Lucas is retired and lives in Los Angeles. Class of 1957.

Susan Ige Hildt lives in Haleiwz HI. Class of 1962.

Jean Sexton retired in Dec, 2003. Moved to Carson City NV. Worked for 22 years in Dept of Prisons/Parole& Probation. Class of 1960.

Jan Doyle Christensen is retired and lives in Freeport MI. In her spare time she likes to hike, garden, read and travel.

Regina Garrison Tavoda lives in San Jose Ca.Traveled to London. Class of 1954.

James Mehuron is retired and lives in California. Class of 1961..

Judy Nelson Jacobson lives in Florida and is a professional volunteer. Class of 1956.

Barbara Austin Coben  lives in Los Angeles and is a retired school administrator. Class of 1965

Diane Brown Spendlove lives in Arizona is ready to pan for gold. Class of 1962.

Freda Hinsche otto Martin helped with husbands bid for Long Beach Mayor. She is active in many organizations including Chair of the Board of Long Beach Transit. Class of 1965.

Michael Stevenson has edited several motion pictures. He travels with his wife, children and grandchildren to Disney World and the Bahamas.

Class of 1962.

Don Lautenschlager Officially retired for 10 years but still enjoys building for friends. Married for 48 years, has two daughters and 3 grandchildren. Favorite hobby golf. Class of 1960.  

Wayne Bee passed away on May 8, 2014. Class of 1960.


Nancy Stannert Moore renewed her membership for 2 years. She lives in Anacortes WA. Class of 1965. .

Jackie Rick Milin - She and her husband live in Camarillo Ca and Port Ludlow Wa.. Her years at Culver were the best! - Class of 1960.

Jon Dekker - Retired Class of 1956.

John Wright - Has 3 children and 8 grandchildren

Life is great - Class of 1962.

Marcy Cook Rude Math Consultant for Elementary and Middle School - Class of 1960..

Ellen Blum Turner - Retired psychologist - Is traveling the world, playing mahjong and having a blast. Class of 1969.

Cherie Christie Hippler - Special Ed Teacher Retired LAUSD. Traveling thel bucket list. Class of 1964.

Diana Pitti Riley - renewed her membership for 2 more years. Sings with Two Sweet Adeline Chorus and Barbershop quartet. Retired and runs two volleyball leagues. Her Mom Mickey (age 94) is still playing volleyball. Class of 1961.

Gary Jackobson - Still teaching at UCSD. Class of 1962.

Mary Lou Brown Schatan - Renewed membership for 4 years. Class of 1963.   CULVER CITY HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION


Barbara Herman Cuzick       Class of 1960

Kim Scott Richards, class of 1970 Thank You

Lee Leighton Thank You

Lois Walker Thank You

Glen Grayman Class of 1966

Pam Klopper Hiserodt, Class of 1970

Jeff Hiserodt Class of 1994

Pam Klopper Hiserodt lives in Culver City and is self-employed. Class of 1970.

Steve Zagorin lives in Upland and is retired State Farm Ins. Class of 1961.

Barbara Zagorin Salzman lives in Fair Oaks Ca. Retired teacher. Class of 1960.

Dave Gordon lives in Los Angeles. Consultant. Class of 1966.

Larry MCClellan lives in Crete IL. Paid for 2 years. Class of 1962.

Kenny Hoover lives in Lancaster,Ca. Retired firefighter. Class of 1969.

Paula Bucklin Foster. Lives in Los Angeles. Retired postal worker. Class of 1960.

David Asari lives in Oakland Ca. Graphic Designer/Associate Professor, Class of 1978.

Carol Martin Fabbro is a receptionist. Class of 1964.

Lewis Hanson lives in Danville Ca. President of AHT,Inc. Class of 1959.

Jacqueline Leavitt Colvan. lives in Palos Verdes Ca.Retired Office Manager. Class of 1962.

Ken Petersen lives in Corona Del Mar. Owner TFG

Ins and Financial Services. Class of 1963. 

Cynthia Clow Clair     

Alice Powell Forkel                   Class of 1957

Don Ericsson lives in Culver City. Retired Class of 1957.

Helene Owens Laverne. Retired.

Howard Weunsky lives in Toluka Lake. Film Distribution Exec. Class of 1968.

Paul Grandmain, lives in Truckee Ca. Retired. Class of 1957.

Lynn Durocher Dible, lives in Az. Retired teacher Class of 1959.

Mike Cohen lives in Culver City. Retired. Class of 1974.

Jane Martin lives in Fresno. Retired. Class of 1968.

Thorn Huffman lives in Tx. Business Owner. Class of 1965.

Ron Gardner lives in Glendale. Retired. Class of 1958.

Nancy McVey Price. Lives in San Jacinto. Retired Aerospace Data Manager. Class of 1960.

Phinnie Marsh. Lives in Reno Nv. Retired Educator

Class of 1955.

Bonita Knox lives in Culver City. Retired Insurance Agent. Class of 1961.

Rick Weingarten, Helene Braverman Weingarten. Live in Los Angeles. Both retired. Class of 1966.

Barry Gross lives in Torrance Ca. Retired. Class of 1961,

Steve Pollman lives in Los Angeles. English Teacher Class of 1965.

Florencia Esteves, lives in Culver City. Public Relations Coordinator. Class of 2008.

Kathy Edmunds Jurey. Lives in Culver City. Retired. Class of 1962.

Cindy Melnarik Espino. lives in Ca. Teacher. Class of 1978.

Jon Hultman. Lives in Los Angeles. Executive Director. Class of 1961.

Carter Greene, lives in Ca. Class of 1965.

Howard Jacobowitz lives in Camarillo Ca. Retired. Class of 1956.

Mike Houlette. lives in Ca. Real Estate Broker. Class of 1960. Paid for 2 years.

Libby Lealy McMann. Lives in Yucca Valley,Ca. Owner, Cucina Restaurant Supply. Class of 1958.

Scott Howard. Lives in Ventura Ca. Attorney for City of Calabasas Paid for 7 years.. Class of 1968.

Cathy Huber Nelms                     Class of 1962

Thank You