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Tuesday, 23 November 2010 08:16

Culver High Memories

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Check this site by Vic Amor (Class of '62). A large compendium of musings by classmates YOU may recognize. This is the Site
I’m just becoming familiar with the site, and notice the Alumni Memory Page. There’s one that brings a smile:
It was the 61-62 year, and the class was chemistry. We had been assigned group projects, and I was working with Mel Kaluzny and Dick Grafman, and I was to present their work as well as mine on the subject of vitamin C. Naturally, that morning I had forgotten to take their work and mine with me to school, and didn’t realize that until just before class. Fortunately, we had a substitute teacher, well known to all of us, and not only very nice but clueless regarding chemistry. I asked Mel and Dick to make up something quick that was in the ballpark of the information they had found. Using that totally bogus material, plus other stuff I made up, I made the presentation. During the presentation, Mel and Dick put their faces down on their desks in an unsuccessful attempt to stifle their laughter, and Andy Heath had caught on and was giving me the one-finger salute from the back of the classroom. Leslie Contreras asked a question concerning the diagram of vitamin C, and I admitted that I wasn’t sure about its relationship to sugar. For that we got marked down to an A-. It was at that time that I realized that a career in the law might be a possibility-----James Bianchi, Class of 1962
I have hundreds of fabulous memories of Culver High. A few: P squared as our math instructor, auto shop with all the “HO DADS” as students, Saxons, Jaquettes, Vikings, Wayne Scott as vice principle, football games, basketball games, Jack Reilly and Ken Petersen arguing over who was MVP (we all knew it was Bruce Peters), the senior lawn, fantasies of dating the senior “girls”, my first car (Ford Fairlane), evenings at Fosters Freeze, lunch at Tito’s Tacos (still can find me there on Wednesdays), Pep rallies, and yes the cannon. I lived just around the corner from the Barddock Dr. gate and I would leave my house when I heard the cannon and be in first period on time. And the memories go on-----Thanks CCHS Gary Warburton 1963
It is sad, but what I remember most is the day Kennedy was assassinate. I was standing at my locker getting books for my Civics class when a classmate told me Kennedy had been shot. My first reaction was -- that is a sick joke. But it was no joke. I remember going to Civics class with Mr. Spencer and he was crying. It was the first time I had seen a grown man cry. That really set the whole class off. It was the day we all lost our innocence.   -----Lynn (Grob) Drury, Class of 1964
As one of the baby boomers who lived the "Happy Days" at La Ballona, Culver Junior and Culver High, there are many stellar memories. Here's a couple: Hot rod night at the A&W Drive-in, Ditch Days, the school plays so outstandingly produced with the help of parents who worked at MGM and Dr. Johnson-triggered treks to the downtown LA library to work on term papers (where was the Internet when we needed it ?).
Trivia: Did you know that Culver High was designed during the late 40s by one of America's first prominent black architects and was profiled in Life Magazine?-----Les Goldberg, Class of 1960
The memory that stays with me the most is that morning event that today would bring the swat teams out. I am not sure when it ended but I remember being stopped in my tracks every morning by the canon being fired for the flag raising. Is there anyone else that still remembers this? And does anyone know how it got started and when it ended?   -----Bob McKane, Class of 1962
I, too, remember the canon. It seems that no matter how many times you heard it, it still managed to startle you every time it went off. I also have memories of the occasional marches through the local residential area to attend assemblies at Veterans Memorial Auditorium and the "Potty Patrol" - teachers (one male and one female) that would routinely check the restrooms to see if they could catch anyone smoking. Ah, those were the days!!.   -----Bill Herd, Class of 1962
Oh yes, the canon. I remember it so well....and I agree no matter how many times you heard it you jumped when it went off! And the senior lawn....when I was a freshman and junior I would make sure that my sneaker didn't touch a blade of that grass. But oh was it fun to be able to call it our own when we were seniors. I loved the walks for the assemblies to was so much fun laughing and talking with your friends all the way over and back. One of my fondest memories was being able to DRIVE to TITO's for lunch when I was a senior! Oh my gosh, my mom would let me drive her 57 Lincoln every few days and I'd pile my best friends (Cornelia and Cecilia McGuire) in the car and off we'd go.....Tito's is the best! The A&W hamburger stand was really fun in the was Hamburger Hamlet. I remember taking my little brother to dinner at the Sizzler on Monday nights....a full steak dinner for $1.19!!! So many great memories. I still love Culver City like I did back then....and of course Culver High holds a special place in my heart. -----Sue Finch, Class of 63
I remember the basketball games where Nicki Myers and the rest of the pom-pom girls and cheerleaders would do a terrific routine to "Walk, Don't Run" by the Ventures. Win or lose, it was great fun and great music, well performed. ----Bob Herd, Class of 1962
I remember the Senior Lawn. When I was a freshman I followed my older sister (Nancy) to the lawn to hang out with everyone else. I don't know why, but I started throwing berries around and one of the seniors came over and set me straight (with a back of his hand). I'll never forget that day. Loved that school and those days. A lot of great memories....Hello Susan Sigsbey where ever you are! ----Dennis Leehan, Class of 1975
One of my lasting memories of Culver was having to walk to Vet's every time we had an assembly, especially on a hot day. A lot of students passed their houses on the way over and back and desperately wanted to go home instead of back to school. That was before Robert Frost auditorium. Does anyone remember the apple machines? Icy cold apples for nutrition period. I bet they're long gone! Basketball games in the gym and the "Snowball" dance. It was sooo "50's". On the down side, does anyone remember the "Junior Dealers" from Venice and the "rumble" that was suppose to happen at Hamburger Handout? I can't remember if it actually happened or not, it was past my curfew. ----Joyce Messina (Hargrove), Class of 1957
There are many memories, but who can forget the "cat fights" after school from '57-'60 between the "HoDad" gals on the front lawns of people's home at the corner of Elenda and Braddock streets?-----Les Goldberg, Class of 1960
I remember the cannon too. Every morning a bell would ring, then ...BOOM. I never thought that was a great way to start the day. One morning late in my senior year the bell rang, then ... nothing ... no BOOM . Rumor and lore had it that in spite of the fact that the cannon was kept chained & locked to a water pipe in an outside custodian's storage room next to the Principal's office when not in use, "someone" had stolen it. The cannon next appeared at our Senior Assembly painted in our class colors. The conspirators, of which legend had it there were many, were never caught. ---- Rick Fromm, Class of 1963
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