Vera Grom Chandler Heaston is a retired teacher and lives in Carmel, She enjoyed the 50th reunion especially the trip to Sony Studios. Ca. Class of 1964.

Mike Squires sent a check for $200, renewal for 5 years plus donation. Go Centaurs. Retired fire captain 40 years. Class of 1954.

Penny Ann Pierce Stratton paid dues for 3 years.

Retired and lives in GA.

Bev Lombardi  class of 1956 reported that Janice Wheeler class of 1956 passed away on September 1, 2014.

Barbara Wirth Gilson lives in Phoenix, AZ, retired.

Hiked the El Camino from Sarria Spain to Santiago del Compostela 224km in 7 days. She is glad to be alive and having fun.

Patricia Hiehle Schroeder lives in Marina Del Rey and travels. Cl;ass of 1961.

Edgar Christine Ipach lives in Ventura Ca. Class of 1968.

Glee Willis is a retired librarian. Class of 1977.

Olivia Levy - Thanked The Alumni Assn. for the scholarship. She and her family are thankful that the financial burden has been lifted. Class of 2014.


Howard Zager graduated from Hamilton High School.Teacher CCUSD. Started the Alumni Assn with a few others. Class of 1966

Douglas Bamforth lives in Simi Valley, ca. Class of 1960.

Morgan Williams is a new member and lives in Inglewood. Class of 2015.

Eddie Edwards aka Edward Farkas, lives in North Carolina. Class of 1965.

Rick Paster is retired and lives in Los Angeles. Class of 1966.

Susanne Devine Long lives in Ranch Cucamonga Ca.

Joselle Lawless Smith is a part time background actor. Class of 1957.

Berneita Nelson Williams is a homemaker and lives in Nevada. Class of 1958.

Sonja Hook Fowler lives in Indio Ca. Class of 1958.

Joan Fisher Richards, not yet retired. Class of 1960.

Carolyn Finn Mitchell is a psychologist. Class of 1965.

Carol Broelnd Tripoli is a retired hospital unit manager. Class of 1963. She thanks Rob Smith for publishing the newsletter.

Kim Richards Scott, Board Member of CCHSAA, enjoyed meeting the committee members. She is the contact person for her class, 1970. We appreciate having Kim on our board.

Rick Paster is retired. Class of 1966.

Joyce Hargrove is retired and sent a check for 6 years membership renewal. Her husband is Frank Messina. Class of 1957.

Margie Poulson Garcia thanks the people who kept the Centaur News alive. She lives in Concord Ca.

Class of 1955.

Andy Meyer class of 1976

Valerie Cameron Meyer Class 0f 1974

Barbara Gross Davis Class of 1964

Melanie Cohen Vansell Class of 1964

Robert Pinot Class of 1958


Nancy Peterson lives in Scottsdale AZ. Class of 1959.

Laura Struhl is a psychologist and lives in San Diego Ca. Class of 1979.

Nancy Best Price donated $2,000 to The Alumni Assn. Class of 1968.

Jeff Simms lives in Los Angeles and is a Fac. Rep.

Class of 1965.

Joan Janoff Miner lives in Venica, Ca. Retired Art-Teacher/Counselor. Class of 1962.

Suzanne Charles Zerbel is retired and lives in Los Alamitos. Class of 1957.

Marie Weber Hall, Class of 1961, is hoping for a reunion. Hello to Marie, my friend from down the street.

Mike Kay, class of 1966, updated his membership.

Thank You!

Wilton Henderson, class of 1961

Rosalyn Carl Henderson, class of 1971

Kathy Houlihan Simpson, class of 1964, renewed her membership.

Mike Cohen thanked Sandy, Rob, and board for our outstanding work!

Gary Smith, class of 1960, renewed his membership for one year.

4805 162nd Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052 

Susan Marsh, Class of 1965, lives at 233 Aldebaron Ave, Lompoc Ca.

Gilbert Smith, Class of 1981, 10706 S.E. 277th St. Kent Wa 98030,

Juliet Smith, class of 1977, 105 n. Whispering Oaks Dr. Glendora Ca. 91741. At this time, it is not possible for the newsletter to go green.

Pat Powel, class of 1956, paid $90 toward membership.

James Galbraith, class of 1960, paid $60 toward membership. 2600 Mission St #200, San Marino Ca.

Gail Hetland , class of 1961,11214 NE 107 Circle,Vancouver, WA 98662.

Paid $45 toward membership