May 2020

Hello Culver Alumni

Here we go again, a message to let you know there is still a Culver City High School Alumni Association. Not much has changed since our last email to you all, except for the Corona Virus Pandemic and all the havoc it has raised. We hope you are all surviving, adapting, and adjusting to the strange times in which we are not living. Being a Centaur certainly gives you an edge on all those challenges! But we will get through together.

We want to thank all of you who responded to our last plea to renew, donate to or join the Culver City High School Alumni Association. As a result we are still able to maintain some of our charitable activities:We still give away two Scholarships each year, support the Booster club with an ad in the Football program, purchase an ad but no longer buy a year book each year. While we have a library of each year book since the school began, it is an expense we can no longer sustain, nor justify. 

Our website, CCHSA.ORG continues to be maintained aby President Sandy Wolff Burton (60) where she diligently posts news, photos, reunion messages, as well as membership forms to download should you wish to renew. I still check the email at and pick up the "snail mail" from our PO Box 4343 Culver City CA 90231. And for those so inclined we have a Facebook page at Culver City High School Alumni at Facebook.

Our only source of revenue at this point is your membership dues at $15.00 a year. While a number of you have paid into the future, and some have once again renewed their membership, many of you have not renewed for several years. Which means our treasury is not going to be able to sustain our charitable programs, web site and PO box for much longer. We would hate to see the Association disappear after doing so much to start it and keep it going these past 20 years plus.

We are asking once again for folks who might want to become more involved to contact us, attend a meeting talk to folks of like mind and make us better again. We especially need someone who is proficient with social media, perhaps take over our web site and make it more contemporary while accessible to "older" folks as well. It would be great if folks from the later years took up the baton moving us forward, This message is being sent to 800 email addresses we have in our data base of one time members. Feel free to forward to friends who may not get it.

Last but not least we hope that some more of you will renew your membership so that we can continue the few programs we cherish so much, and allow us to survive until help arrives!

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From the CCHS Alumni Board

Sandy Wolff Burton 60 President

Robb Smith              62 Vice President

Janice Kay Fogg      66 Treasurer

Doug Kuhn               85 Secretary

Kim Richards Scott   70 Board Member