Dear Donor of the CCHSA Alumni Association

Thank you very much for the scholarship you have awarded me. I am very grateful and  honored that you chose me for this award. I am really appreciative of you and will keep you and this award in my heart forever. When I received the good news about being accepted for this award, I felt really delighted and was filled with cheerfulness

and I carried these feelings throughout the whole day. I hope you continue making students happy with awards like these because those feelings bring motivation to students. I plan to put this award to good use and purchase textbooks as well as supplies required by my professors. I will forever be grateful of this award, thank you.


Daisy Salmeron  

Dear Culver City High School Alumni Association

Thank you so much for this great opportunity! I am so thankful for your generosity and for helping me stretch out my education. Happy Holidays to your families.

Thank You and Happy New Year!

Veronica De Jeronimo

Dear Culver City High School Alumni Association, 

I am honored to have been this year's recipient of the Culver City High School Alumni Association.

I am proud to say that I have had the privilege to have been a part of the Culver City High School District my entire life. This causes me to be extremely appreciative of all those who are a part of The Alumni Association, and thankful I was chosen as a recipient of this scholarship.

I would like to express my gratitude for the financial support of The Alumni Assn in this academic school year. Growing up in underprivileged circumstances I endured a lot of financial and academic adversities that caused me to recognize why achieving a higher education is important.

I have just begun my undergraduate career at Santa Monica College. I have declared my major as Sociology, with a plan to transfer to UCLA by fall 2020. When I transfer I will work on receiving my undergraduate degree in socioloogy, in an effort to prepare to pursue my MSW (Masters in Social Work). I am a first generation college student, and the first to pursue a higher education. I hope to give back to the community and help with the development of community based programs.

I thank you for believing in my and my dreams. Your generosity has allowed me to pursue my goals. I hope to pay it forward.

Andrea Estefany Olivera

I am sincerely honored to have been selected as a recipient of the Culver City High School Alumni Association. Your generosity, which has allowed me to reach my goal for paying for school to expand my learning about science. Thank you for your generosity.

Anthony Chacon

Dear Alumni Association

Thank you for the scholarship! This will tremendously help continue my academic journey at SDSU. I worked for over half a year during corona virus and this check will be a significant contribution to help pay for my tuition.


Jesse Tanahara 

Dear Culver City High School Alumni Assn

Thank you so much for awarding this scholarship to be used in furthering my education. I greatly appreciate this.

I am looking forward to starting my new goal in college - to become an athletic trainer for the NFL.


Selena Andrade

Recipients for 2021

Daisy Salmeron

Jesse Tanahara

Thank you so much for your donation. It is helping me pay for my classes and books. I am currently a freshman at SMC. On top of being a full time student, I work full time at a supermarket and just got hired at another job. I am saving up to be able to transfer from SMC and your donation has helped immensely. Thank You so much.

Miranda Lucero.

Scholarship Recipients 2020

Selena Andrade

Felix Martinez

I'd like to say "Thank You" for being a charitable organization; and to assure you that your donation will go to a good cause. I plan on completing my general education at SMC and transfer to a 4 year college but haven't decided on which type of degree. The money you gave me will help greatly.

Again, Thank You 

Sincerely, Joseph Galvin

To the Members of the Culver City High School Alumni Association,

Thank you so very much for awarding me your $750. scholarship. I greatly appreciate your belief in my future as a college student. It has been quite the transition from high school- I've enjoyed arranging my own schedule and making new friends, while also finding some of the classwork challenging. It has been an interesting first quarter at SMC. I look forward to taking English, French and film classes over the next few months.


Jack Merritt

Class of 2018

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